Missing Teeth

Do I Need to Replace My Back Tooth

Do I Really Need to Replace My Back Tooth? Irving Tooth Replacement

By Dr. Rini Bavishi | July 7, 2020 |

Young children aren’t the only ones who lose their teeth. The average American adult loses 12 permanent teeth to decay, injury, or gum disease by age 50! Here at Irving Family Dental, we see this more than you may think. This is also more than a cosmetic issue; missing teeth can weaken your jawbone, impact…

Advantages Implant-Supported Dentures

Irving Dental Implant Office: Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

By Dr. Rini Bavishi | November 21, 2018 |

Tooth loss is a serious and devastating problem that affects 178 million Americans. If you have experienced tooth loss yourself, you may be wondering which restorative procedure is best for your unique oral needs. If you live in Irving, consider implant supported dentures from Irving Family Dental – they offer many different benefits with the…

Dental Bridges Pros Cons

Irving Dental Office: Pros & Cons of Dental Bridges

By Dr. Rini Bavishi | May 30, 2018 |

Just like there are many different reasons to get a tooth replacement, there are just as many ways to fill the gap in your smile. Dental bridges are one option you may have come across. How can you know if bridges are right for you?

Missing Tooth Blog

4 Important Reasons to Replace Your Missing Tooth in Irving

By Dr. Rini Bavishi | January 29, 2018 |

Cosmetically, missing a tooth isn’t fun. It can feel uncomfortable or embarrassing to have a gap in your teeth. But besides lacking elegance, missing a tooth can be harmful to your dental health. This is why it’s important to replace the tooth with a dental implant, a dental bridge, removable partial dentures, etc. Your dentist…