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Mini Dental Implants in Irving

Mini Implants for Restorations

When a patient has been faced with dentures being their best option they often times find it very crippling. Adapting to their dentures not performing like their natural teeth can leave them feeling self-conscious. Fortunately for many of these patients, there is a solution, dental implants and mini dental implants! Mini dental implants range in size roughly from 1.8mm – 3mm, where traditional implants have a diameter of over 3.5mm. Mini implants are great for patients who need a smaller implant to fit into a narrow spot where a typical implant would be too big. Patients who may not have been candidates before for implants and implanted dentures now have an excellent option!

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Mini Implant Procedure

Once Dr. Bavishi & Dr. Doshi confirm you are a candidate for mini dental implants they will mark out the proper locations on your lower mandible where the (typically four) mini implants will be placed. A small hole is placed in each spot and then the implants set inside the hole and secured. The dentist will then take your current denture or a new denture and fit them with metal housings. These metal housings will fit over the mini implants securing your dentures in place. This can all be performed in just one appointment!

Benefits of Mini Implants

  • Half the width of traditional implants
  • Minimally invasive
  • Less expensive
  • Can be performed in one appointment
  • Gained self confidence

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