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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Oral surgery may be needed for more reasons than one may think. Irving Family Dental treats a wide variety of problematic areas in the teeth, mouth, jaw and facial areas. Offering individualized treatment plans, Dr. Bavishi, Dr. Doshi and the skilled surgical team will ensure you receive outstanding patient care. From initial consultation all the way to recovery, our dedicated team will be there for you.

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Oral Surgery Treatments & Procedures

Bone Grafting – bone is built up or added to the jawbone when there isn’t enough to support certain procedures one may be wanting. Bone grafting for dental work is often used for dental implants.


Sinus Lift / Augmentation – bone is added to the upper jaw and the sinus membrane is “lifted” to allow room for this additional bone. This surgery is performed when there isn’t enough room or spacing is too close between the sinuses and jaw for dental implants to be positioned properly.


3rd Molar Surgical Extraction (Wisdom Teeth) – most people will develop 3rd molars or wisdom teeth in each quadrant of their mouth. Surgical removal of these molars can be after they have begun to erupt or prior. An oral surgeon or dentist may recommend removal of 3rd molars so shifting of permanent teeth does not take place and/or to avoid possible complications down the road. Typical eruption occurs between the ages of 17 & 25.


Socket Preservation – to reduce bone loss after extractions, our doctors will place a bone graft into the socket where the tooth was extracted from. Jaw deformities from tooth removal can often be prevented and repaired by socket preservation.

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