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 Due to the recent Covid-19 Outbreak, You will see some changes on your arrival:

  • We request you to use Masks while you are in the office (except at time of treatment)
  • Sanitize your hands as often as possible while you are in the office
  • Upon your arrival, we will ask you to call or text us from your vehicle. When your room and clinician are ready, we will notify you. In this way, we limit the number of people gathering inside the practice and protect you by creating social distancing.
  • We are reserving our reception area for those patients arriving via transportation other than their own, or who cannot wait in their vehicle.
  • Please be patient with us as we sanitize the Operatory thoroughly before we seat you.
  • While we love seeing family members, any guests accompanying patients to their appointments will need to wait in their vehicle. (unless a guardian of a patient who is a minor)
  • We will be checking your temperature (and if anyone needs to accompany you)
  • We request you to fill out the COVID-19 Questionnaire prior to each appointment (see below for questionnaire).
  • Every surface, door handle, and virtually anything that can be touched in the Operatory is sterilized after each patient, as part of our daily routine
  • We also take our own temperatures daily, as a precaution, in addition to taking yours
  • We now have an anti-viral pre-procedural rinse, recommended by the CDC, which will be provided to you
  • We use an anti-microbial fogger to sanitize the entire office at the end of each day.
  • All high-touch objects such as magazines, toys, etc. have been removed from the operatories and the waiting areas.
  • The practice may feel less busy because we are staggering patient appointments as an additional measure to limit interactions.

Please know we have always strictly followed CDC guidelines – but this is a new virus requiring new safety measures, and we are incorporating heightened sterilization protocols in response to this threat.

We are committed to doing everything we can to create a sterile environment to protect you, and us, from airborne viruses

If you have any questions before we get started, please let us know!

for your
Co-operation and Understanding

Prior to your visit, please fill out our COVID-19 Screening & Consent forms. This can be filled out directly online. You can choose from English, Spanish or French. Please click here to fill out COVID-19 screening & consent forms.

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