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Children's Dental Hygiene Month Sealants Make Sense

Feb 17 2022

Irving Kid’s Dentistry: Why Dental Sealants Make Sense

Children’s smiles are the adult smiles of the future, and it’s an important time to stress the importance of good ...
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Should I Replace My Dental Crown - Girl Smiling

Jan 30 2022

Should I Replace My Dental Crown? Irving Crown Repair

Dental crowns offer long-term, full-coverage protection to your teeth. But they don’t last indefinitely. At some point, dental crowns may ...
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Dental Resolutions for The New Year

Dec 30 2021

Dental Resolutions for the New Year

Great oral care can help you keep your smile healthy for life. And it isn’t as hard as you think! ...
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Toothache Home Remedies

Nov 29 2021

Irving Dental Office: Toothache Home Remedies

It’s almost a law of nature that toothaches pop up when you’re out of town or the dentist’s office is ...
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Tricks to Help Curb Sugar Cravings

Oct 25 2021

Dentist Irving: Tricks to Help Curb Sugar Cravings

As we get closer to the holidays, sweets start to pop up everywhere we look. First, it’s Halloween candy, then ...
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When Should I See My Dentist for Tooth Sensitivity

Sep 10 2021

When Should I See My Irving Dentist for Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is a common condition that our Irving dentist sees each week. Depending on the symptoms and extent of ...
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